The Power of Human Connection

The Power of Human Connection

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Weekend Challenge Time!!!

This weekend the theme is ” HUMAN CONNECTION”. I am a very quiet person, shy almost. I don’t say much, and I certainly do not chit chat with people in public as it terrifies me. I am an outgoing and warm but more introvert than extrovert, so I tend to keep to myself. So yesterday I learned a valuable lesson on the importance of connecting with those around you.

My son had the day off, and we decided to have a “date day” at Starbucks, we sat at the big table that seats around ten people got out our computers and started typing away like crazy. I was writing a webinar, and he was writing a kids version of Life Master Class (which is AWESOME by the way!) and we were having a lovely time. A few older retired men came and sat with us as at first we completely ignored them. Typing typing typing… and I could see that they wanted to engage with us, throwing looks our way now and then but I was having none of it as I was utterly engrossed in my work. Then I went to the bathroom and I guess they saw this as an opportunity to open up the chat with Jack. I came back to wide smiles, the sound of laughter and brightness. The men were teaching Jack things they knew about, and it was fascinating. Magnets, computers, meteors, finding treasure on the beach, and then one of the men (who had been a teacher for 31 years in New York City) offered such valuable advice that I feel compelled to share with you all. He said to Jack “Son, I want to share some valuable life advice, are you up for that?” “Of course,” said Jack politely. OK here goes:

1. Never stop chasing your dreams. Your dreams will never come to you; you need to go to them. You need to take action on your dreams and never let them slip past you. If your dream is to see a meteor crater, then you need to fly there to see it. You need to take action in life.

2. Save 15% of what you earn…. and invest it. Have your money make money so you will always be financially stable. He said he had given this advice to one of his students 20 years ago and met him later, and he owned several buildings in New York… all thanks to the advice. Not too bad for taking two seconds to share a heartfelt message.

3. Always surround yourself with positive people…. No further explanation needed on this one.

I could say that yes – in theory, I know this stuff already but what impressed upon me the most was a stranger’s willingness to take the time to sit and share. To connect and bond with someone, they just met.

Jack was elated walking out of there in a way no computer, iPhone or game could give him. His heart was singing on the wings of human connection, and it was a wonderful gift. I also changed at that moment, something inside of me grew, opened and wanted more connection. I will no longer keep typing typing and typing “positive stuff” to put out into the world but rather I will glance up at the world around me and see if I can share anything there. It is safe to speak up; people do want to hear what you have to say.

So this weekend I invite you to do the same, connect with someone, share something you know, serve the world with your unique brilliance, find a way to spark the human need we all have of feeling connected to each other. It is priceless.

Happy Weekend

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