Group Workshops available at your business or mine

(Maximum of 16 people if you choose mine)

Vision Board With A Twist Workshops.

Vision boards are my absolute personal passion in the personal growth and development /Law of Attraction world. It is what I use and have used in my own life for 20 years.

 This workshop is what I like to call “The Vision Board With A Twist” This is not your traditional vision board class where you select and paste pictures and hope that suddenly you attract everything. This is where we address how to really leverage the laws of the universe to help make your dreams a reality. I also address the major blocks to your abundance you may have hindering or slowing down your progress and how to really maximize your manifestation skills.

 This is a high fun and relaxing class, great for yoga studios or girls night in. Dream out loud with your family and friends and watch your dreams take shape on a beautiful and inspiring board that is sure to raise your vibration!

Stepping Stones to JOY:

I was asked speak at a local retreat on JOY, I went away excited for the opportunity but a bit skeptical and thought “what do I really know about joy?” and then as if out of nowhere I began to see signs of “Joy” (literally) all over the place so I knew I absolutely had to do it. I thought then about how little I really knew about joy and then it hit me…wow I am perfect for this… joy is the exact opposite of fear and fear is something I knew a lot about!

And so the Stepping Stones to Joy was born! For me I see it often confused with happiness but they are really not the same thing at all, in fact happiness is so conditional and fleeting and external that it is almost impossible to compare the two but they are both higher vibration emotions for sure so that is one great thing they have in common. So many of us suffer from “I’ll be happy when syndrome” I’ll be happy when I get the job, relationship, married, divorced, retire..… How long will it be before your next “Happy High”? It is like chasing a chicken but when is it actually attained or is it saying that it will come makes us happy enough to accept the mediocrity of not fully having it. Joy is deeper, joy gives us the freedom to enjoy life in a different way. It is an internal surge that takes over, causes blubbering tears or a deep feeling of inner peace. It is a release instead of a contraction and it is always available to us. There is no chasing JOY.

So in this workshop I will share two amazing simple tools I will share with you that if you practice (and I mean practice/implement/take action on and actually do) it will absolutely 100% change how you look at things and turn up your joy factor. I can guarantee it 100% — total money back guarantee! That is how sure I am as I know the profound shift that it made on my own life

I will show you how to start consciously choosing joy. Choosing joy makes you the CEO of your life. You might never be able to control life (although we think we can)! But we can control how we feel about it. Simple effective and doable for everyone. Our choice is our superpower!