Meet Sinead

Born and raised in Ireland and now a US resident, Sinead has studied with some of the world’s leading experts in personal development and human psychology. 

A certified Marriage Educator, Divorce Preventionist, Strategic Interventionist and Coach by the Robbins Madanes Center for Strategic Intervention, Sinead also holds a Life Strategies Coaching certification from The Spencer Institute. 

Strategic Intervention is the coaching methodology that allows clients to experience FAST change that LASTS a long time.  It is the type of coaching that Tony Robbins is known for. He has amazing strategies that create almost an instant mindset shift and major transformation in any case he takes on. Sinead is fortunate enough to have learned from an absolute master to create similar transformation for her clients. 

Sinead also has a keen interest in the metaphysical world and combines her intuitive connection with the proven strategies for what she calls “Spiritual Strategy Coaching” so she can offer the best of both worlds to her clients. Known for a huge connection and respect for the angels with an unleashed passion for personal growth Sinead has really found that sweet spot where passion meets purpose and is on a mission to share it with the world!


Interview With Sinead

How did you get to be a coaching expert?

Well, the honest truth is my passion for learning about myself and understanding human nature kicked off a life long obsession with studying all that I could get my hands on in the personal growth world. I would devour any book, eCourse or workshop that I felt could help in any way at all. I have most certainly clocked in 10,000 hours in this area which I heard somewhere is the number of hours it takes to become an expert on anything 🙂

I struggled enormously in my 20’s with fear, anxiety and depression and was, in fact, labelled by a couple of psychologists as OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder). None of this sat well with me and after some consideration not only did I refuse the label, the medication, and the notion that that could or would be my life. I decided to take matters into my own hands and “figure this shit out” as I so determinedly put it!

There was absolutely no way that this could be “it”??? That we are born into this magnificent world to be amazing and powerful and all that we can be (or so I thought) and then to be crippled by stress fear and anxiety, working a job that was sucking out my soul and pretending to be something I clearly was not. I was a people pleaser, overworked, overtired, trapped and anxious all the time, overweight and tired to boot. I had made some huge bold, brave steps in the past (like moving countries and continents) so I knew somewhere deep down I had this reserve of courage that would help. So I dug in deep and set the massive intention that I absolutely could not and would not settle for this mediocre life where I was just working to pay the bills, had cracked hands and lips all winter from the snow and felt downright miserable about myself. It was time to take charge!

Fast forward ten years later and things could not be more different, turns out the swell of courage I had to stand up and be “different” (really just being myself… and daring to be myself) worked out well. Also turns out that massive action kills anxiety which was an added bonus. I read everything I could get my hands on, I attended every class I could get to on personal growth (yes even weird ones!) and was balls to the wall 100% dedication to my own journey of awakening and growth. My standards for myself got higher and I became more confident. I learned that you absolutely cannot walk in two directions at the same time so I choose faith and love instead of fear and ego. Like any journey, there have been ups and downs but the thing I know for sure is, that it works, playing by the laws of the universe. Stepping into yourself is the path of least resistance (even though at first it seems scary as all get up) but I am here to tell you, I have the road map, I have been where you are, where you stand and can help you walk in the right direction.

Who do you work with?

I basically work with people who struggle with the same things I did. We are all the same in some way or another and often struggle with many of the same fears. I feel like I have put so much effort into helping myself figure things out and cultivating so many successful strategies that it simply would be rude not to help others with the same issues! I feel an obligation to offer a hand up to someone who is struggling. Life is not supposed to be a struggle as I am here to offer any life, hope, encouragement or inspiration your need to get back on track.

When you are happier and emotionally fit every single thing in your life is better, your relationships, your work, your happiness, your health.

I have been through the tunnel of overthinking, believing my thoughts, letting fear run my life, saying no to things because I was afraid, playing a smaller game because I felt unworthy so now it is my duty to light the way for others.

I work with people who believe that there is more, that deep down they are yearning for the happiness and know that it is really not elusive but hidden deep inside of them and just needs to be unleashed.

People whoare tired of procrastination and self-sabotage. People who have had enough of fear, stress and anxiety running their lives. People who are kind hearted and open minded, brave and willing to do the work it takes to master your mindset and improve their life. People who have a spark inside that is just waiting to catch file and illuminate their soul.

What you need most right now:

Maybe you, like I did, just need someone to point you in the right direction, get you started on the right track and to gain clarity in your life. To help change how you think and how you see yourself in the world, someone to provide proven tools and strategies to overcome obstacles to your success and happiness. Someone to give you permission to be your authentic self and shine as the hero of your own story. Someone to help you get excited and giddy about your life. I would be more than happy to be that someone for you.

What is your biggest goal or wish for your clients:

My goal is simple to change just two things:

  1. How you think
  2. How you see yourself in the world, to see yourself as better (as we often lean towards seeing ourselves as worse or inferior). When we see ourselves in a better light in our minds, this is when we are capable of great things and become an inspiration to others.

Thinking impacts everything. It creates your perspective, how you process everything.

What makes you different from other Life Coaches?

What separates me from other traditional life coaches is that I practice “intuitive coaching” along with a practical and solid “strategy coaching” so you get the best of metaphysical laws of the universe and concrete strategies that I believe complement each other immensely, because of this my clients receive the best of both worlds.

I have also had an interest in both worlds and a flair for it. When I started coaching I realized I could combine my two talents and passions and it works. I can use whatever approach the client is more comfortable with to help facilitate their success. Personally I love to use the spiritual and intuitive coaching the best as this is where I find the greatest ease and change when it comes to the client’s success.

I used to pretend I was all strategy and tried to be all business like when it came to my coaching but it was not the truth, it was partial truth but not the whole truth, when I bring my spirituality into play, not only was my coaching better, clients results were better and I was much happier. The truth is, I am both.

Training and certification

  • Certified Marriage Educator and Divorce Preventionist,
  • Certified Strategic Interventionist
  • Certified Coach
  • Life Strategies Coach Certification
  • Certified Law of Attraction Coach
  • B.A. International Marketing and Languages (French and Spanish)
  • Also I feel like I may have read every personal growth/self-help book on the planet!

Does coaching really work?

Yes! Yes! A thousand times YES!

It works. I am proof! I am my first success story! Coaching might not change one single thing about your outside life (unlikely, but let’s pretend) but it changes EVERYTHING on the inside! and that is where is it important. My grandmother used to say to me “Sinead, wherever you go, there you will be” and I never understood it when I was younger and now I get it. You take yourself everywhere, your thoughts your beliefs, your happiness or unhappiness, your filter. Coaching can change an unhappy filter or view of the world to a happy one and that makes a huge difference. That is something that nobody can take from you. That determines your inner peace and how you go through life.

Is there anyone that it will not work for?


If you think that coaching is a magic wand, then, no, it will not work for you. Magic wands are for fairytales but it might just be the closest thing. Coaching is something that is the most rewarding, amazing thing on the earth, it is my passion, my favorite thing, heck like the sound of music says — it is all of my favorite things! BUT it does require work, involvement, and investment in yourself, an open mind, a kind heart, a willingness to be open to the process, to forgive yourself and others, a willingness to let go of the past, and most importantly a willingness to love yourself, to let go of the old stories and beliefs and write your own new story. An empowering one, one you can be proud of and of course happy and joyful with!!!

Happiness is the most researched and documented topic on the planet. We all think about it, strive for it, and desire it for our families and ourselves. You would think we would have it down by now! However, I think we also have the belief for the most part that it is something to be chased or looked for outside of ourselves. I am here to share that it really is an inside job!

For years I bought self-help books with the idea that just owning them would be enough. I thought if I surrounded myself with all these books, surely the promises they made would come true. Obviously this wasn’t the case. I realized, very quickly, that if I wanted to make changes in my life, I had to do the work. It has taken you years to get to where you are currently in your life. Change can happen much more quickly, but you’ll have to roll up your emotional sleeves and dig in. Expect to get a bit dirty as you clean up your life.

Oftentimes you’ll read something and think: “Yeah, I know this already!” But from my experience, “knowing it” and “living it” are two very different things. Change will only come when you apply the knowledge and put it into practice. I personally had an extreme case of “I know this already” to the point where I would start saying, “I could’ve written this!!” but guess what - I started implementing it and that has made all the difference.

This is why this work isn’t for everyone—which may be why so many people are unhappy. However, I congratulate you for being one of the brave ones and taking the first step.

What To Expect From Coaching…

  • Better Relationships
  • Better Communication
  • Increased Happiness
  • Greater Sense Of Calm And Inner Peace
  • Getting Clear On Exactly What You Want In Life
  • A Plan To Create Increases Wealth In Your Life
  • Learn How To Quieten Your Inner Critic and Increase Self Confidence
  • Learn How To Manifest What Your Want With Ease
  • Reconnect With Your Dreams And Get Excited And Delighted About Your Life