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The Power of Human Connection

Sinead / Connection

Weekend Challenge Time!!! This weekend the theme is " HUMAN CONNECTION". I am a very quiet person, shy almost. I don't say much, and I certainly do not chit chat with people in public as it terrifi...

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Why Were We Not Born In America?

Sinead / Courage

My husband came home from work today and after the usual “Hello. How was your day,” chit chat, he asked me curiously “Hey, why do you think we were not born in America? We live here, our kids ar...

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What Clients Are Saying

  • Working with Sinead has been one of the best decisions I have made in a very long time. I had stagnant thoughts on past experiences, toxic feelings towards people and suffered from constant anxiety. Sinead\'s has a very open approach and uses language and stories, which are easy to understand and id..

    Rebecca Higgins
  • My life has changed in such positive ways and I am so grateful for the beautiful gifts I have received through coaching with Sinead. I cannot imagine being stuck where I had been and settling for a life of constantly holding back and fearing my strengths. Sinead’s ability to connect with what is g..

    Aisling Collins
  • Honestly I feel like a giant load I been dragging around forever is gone, hard to explain but I really do feel like the same person inside today. I know you understand, I loved the session and I got more that I ever imagined, you are truly awesome and gifted with this. I felt bad when I went to my c..

    Denis McLean
  • I cannot express how grateful I am to have taken a chance on myself thru coaching. I have never been one to reach out for inner help. I always stoically thought I could just muddle through and fix it myself. That is, until I got to a point where I was so lost in the blah blah blah of my story and m..

    Joann Speranza
  • Sinead is a truly an empowering and effective coach. She has unlocked potential and capabilities in me I never knew I had. Before working together, I felt lost and stuck. I knew I needed to work on improving myself-but the problem was I couldn’t even identify what those issues were. Sinead hel..

    Amanda Rogers