Private Coaching


One on one coaching is your ticket to a total mindset makeover! Oh yes!!!

You + Me = Life Changing experience!


Three (very affordable) private coaching options available:


This is your deep dive to TOTAL TRANSFORMATION. 1.5 hour calls and 12 sessions. This is for people who are open to looking at their lives in an honest way and willing to give up resistance and self-sabotage for good and illuminate their life.


This is your fast track to an EMPOWERED YOU! 1-hour calls, ten weeks. Fun and intensive, just what you need to add the spark back into your life and some pep in your step.


This program is for graduates only. Monthly "tune-ups" to help you stay focused and on track.


A major bonus to the coaching that is unique to my service is once you graduate either program you will receive a FREE 50 page toolkit customized EXACTLY to YOU that you will use forever.

It will summarize each coaching session and include all of your values, your needs, your joy pie, your specific dreams, and intentions. It is my absolute favorite part of the program, and I know tears instantly start flowing as soon as you get your toolkit as it is priceless and summarizes exactly how far you have come!!

So private coaching, as you can see, is full on total immersion for those READY and HUNGRY to make changes for the better, to drop limiting beliefs and take their life to the next level!

I can’t say enough about this…. it is not for you if you don't want to go “there” to go deep and have a look at what is lurking “under the hood.” It is a total mindset overhaul. It is not for you if you are only toying with the idea of change. It is not for you if you are married to your habits routines and think everything is already perfect.

MUST BE: open-minded and open to change in their lives, open to having beliefs examined and questioned, habits and of course their thinking. Open to letting ego stay outside of the room while we chat and explore your dreams and feelings. Open to being vulnerable. It is not easy, but it is SUPER FUN and so so so so worth it.


"Peace begins with me"

Not sure which option is for you? Why not book a FREE 1 hour Discovery session to find out? Totally FREE of charge, zero obligation.

The reason I offer such a long discovery session for free is that I know coaching is a foreign concept to most, so I want you to get an exact feel for it before you invest in yourself. I want you to have a session the same as if you are in the program. You MUST feel comfortable and be sure that I am the right coach for you. I have to be sure I can help you. So it is a great way for you to feel more comfortable without jumping right in. I don't hold back in the discovery session, so it is very worthwhile doing even if you are at all curious.


How do I book a discovery session?

Click below to book your Discovery Session or you can text / call 904-377- 0771 now and we will get you in as soon as possible.


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