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Rebecca HigginsWorking with Sinead has been one of the best decisions I have made in a very long time. I had stagnant thoughts on past experiences, toxic feelings towards people and suffered from constant anxiety. Sinead's has a very open approach and uses language and stories, which are easy to understand and identify with. She also has a great sense of hu-mor, which makes working with her enjoyable. Sinead uses Radical Forgiveness. I have read about forgiveness and have tried many methods in order to forgive but sometimes people like me need more than just saying, writing, wishing and play-acting for it to come through. I needed something more tangible. With Sinead you work it, process it, look at it from all angles, take it by the reigns and make it happen. It’s unbelievable what was achieved in an hour with Sinead working with her Radical Forgiveness method. Years of sitting in a therapist's chair did not compare!

Your Life Master Class work is explained as well as any body else who has success on these topics. Your language is identifiable, I too have a bank of self help books and love them as my friends however many have not been read, I read the first paragraph and if the language is not me that's it. I love the way you write and you too communicate with me very well...it’s explaining something that can be baffling in a clear identifiable way. I am very excited for this course; I expect it to CHANGE MY LIFE

Rebecca Higgins
Property Management - London UK

Aisling CollinsMy life has changed in such positive ways and I am so grateful for the beautiful gifts I have received through coaching with Sinead. I cannot imagine being stuck where I had been and settling for a life of constantly holding back and fearing my strengths. Sinead’s ability to connect with what is going on and to present solutions and healing for any limitation is remarkable. Working with her each time was like finding a piece of myself that I had lost and washing it clean to be new again. I am forever grateful for our coaching together and I am inspired to continue my healing and continue living an abundant and joyful life of celebrating who I am and who others are every day through what I have learned through Sinead.

Aisling Collins
Client Delivery Consultant, Shelton CT

Denis McLeanHonestly I feel like a giant load I been dragging around forever is gone, hard to explain but I really do feel like the same person inside today. I know you understand, I loved the session and I got more that I ever imagined, you are truly awesome and gifted with this. I felt bad when I went to my car and discovered it was 10 of clock. You need to charge for your time properly. I owe you big time, more than money could buy. Thank you.

Will definitely be working on continues reprogramming, so I'm sure you will be working with me in the future, I will spread the good word about you in my journey. Thanks so much,

Denis McLean
Yoga Instructor, Musician, Palm Coast, FL

Joann SperanzaI cannot express how grateful I am to have taken a chance on myself thru coaching. I have never been one to reach out for inner help. I always stoically thought I could just muddle through and fix it myself. That is, until I got to a point where I was so lost in the blah blah blah of my story and my ego. Enter Sinead. The moment I met this lovely woman I felt an instant connection. I made my first coaching appointment and knew that I had taken a giant step to living fully the life I was destined to live. Sinead gently worked with me through meditation, visualization and really learning to listen and tune into the truth of who I was. She taught me that this is all really a story and introduced me to the process of Radical Forgiveness, a powerful technique to heal and transform any relationship. Sinead is an angel. Since we have started working, I have found my divine path of work, began healing a lifelong rift with my mother and am opening up to
more love in my life. I am so grateful to have met this lovely woman. There is no one that would not benefit from coaching with her and I cannot recommend it enough. Be ready. She will challenge you... Much light,

Joann Speranza
LMT, St Augustine, FL

Amanda RogersSinead is a truly an empowering and effective coach. She has unlocked potential and capabilities in me I never knew I had. Before working together, I felt lost and stuck. I knew I needed to work on improving myself-but the problem was I couldn’t even identify what those issues were. Sinead helped me identify my limitations, but also magnify my strengths. For the first time in my life, I felt at peace with myself and the constant self-criticism was gone. Since working together, I have been able to realign myself with my goals and feel well on my way towards achieving them. In fact, I was recently promoted at my company! I would say the biggest benefit to Sinead’s coaching has been her guidance and direction. She is very knowledgeable in many areas such as relationships, finances, emotional well-being, health, etc. The list could go on. I feel equipped with so many “life tools” that I know my future is in good hands.

Amanda Rogers
Account Executive (Shelton CT)

Dara DelbruggeWhen Rosie and I decided to put a vision board workshop together at Hot Yoga Lounge we weren’t quite sure where to even start. Luckily, we were introduced to Sinead and we asked her if she would be so kind as to lead this workshop. What a fantastic experience! The mood was energetic and positive. With Sinead‘s gentle and positive guidance we were carefully guided through the vision board process. She encouraged us to think about our goals, discover new ones and fix our aim. I would highly recommend Sinead as an in-spiring, kind yet challenging life coach and would encourage you to work with her and attend her workshops, you won’t regret it!

Dara Delbrugge
LPN and Yoga teacher at Hot Yoga Lounge Palm Coast, FL

Jeffrey EisenI have known Sinead Moffatt for a number of years and I have never met a person who cares more about people than she does. She is thoughtful, generous, kind and considerate. She is dedicated to the journey of life and loves learning. But she also loves sharing what she learns with others. Sinead has studied extensively the field of self-empowerment and spirituality and not only is she very knowledgeable in those fields, but she walks the talk. She is an amazingly authentic and genuine person. She will always say it as it is. She doesn’t hold back. Sinead loves working on becoming the best version of herself and she is dedicated to continual learning and growth. Sinead is an excellent life coach as well as being very creative at designing and presenting workshops. I have had the privilege of getting to Sinead very well and doing so has made my life more complete. I wish our world had more people like Sinead in it.

Jeffrey Eisen
Life and Spiritual Coach, Toronto, Canada

Susan CouslinThere are times which I just don't have words to express my gratitude to Sinead Moffatt. I started coaching with her about 3 years ago. I wasn't really sure I wanted to try coaching but I saw a transformation in my daughter in how happy she was since she started coach-ing with Sinead. I felt empty and wasn't sure what I wanted for my life. I felt like something was missing but I couldn't put my finger on it. At the age of 50 I thought that I knew what I wanted and thought I was living the life I was supposed to. How much change could you make at my age I thought. There was something superficial about my life. It was like I was missing a connection. I was never really able to dream of a life that I wanted...I wasn't sure what I wanted. I was always positive and thought that was all I needed to be happy and my life really couldn't get any better, it is what it is.

Boy was I wrong. My life did a tremendous turn around in the past 3 years. I am more vibrant with my life, not just positive but having an invigorating life now. I feel more connect to myself and I don't feel like I'm missing something. I am excited to get up every day and can't wait to see what life is offering me today.

Through her different coaching techniques I now realize that I can live the life I want. I am in charge of my life...it is so inspiring to live the life I want. I am so joyful now and I am loving my work more now. I have realized that I have such great gifts to share and I can help other people in their business. If I wouldn't have found this out working with Sinead I would not be able to help others in their business and not bring happiness to their life. I have been able to help others as I was meant to do...Sinead has started a ripple effect.

Susan Couslin
Sales and Marketing Expert, Palm Coast, FL

Lorraine O Sullivan
I have read many self-help and mindfulness books, and follow many positivity sites/blogs/pages etc. The main difference, and what I like most about Life Master Class is that it was very applicable. As in, it was actually broken down section by section, and in-stead of telling you to simply "forgive" for example; it actually explains HOW to do these things. So many books don’t, and end up sometimes lecturing the reader and can be vague. I found the program so refreshing with it's perfectly balanced take on being both informative and personal which made it easy to complete each part of the program. I found myself nodding along reading through it, as I personally completely agree that a bigger focus on morals, gratitude, and a sense of self are key to happiness... which will only help increase the happiness of those around you, creating that wonderful "ripple effect"! I thoroughly recommend the Life Master Class growth guide and I think everybody regardless of gender/age/nationality would benefit by applying the principles. The quest for happiness is a universal concept after all. I have already seen the benefits...Thank you so much!

Lorraine O Sullivan
Former Model, Artist, Co Clare, Ireland

Patrick WilliamsSinead Moffatt has created a guide for living a masterful life that will give you tools, tips, and techniques for living your life more optimally. She has a gift herself for learning from doing, and assuming that nothing is a failure and you will catch her 'enthuenza" and it will lead you to living, loving, learning, and laughing masterfully. This powerful Life Master Class is a deceptively simple, but not easy, guide for you to follow and Sinead is then available as your coach if needed. Get it, do it, live it.

Patrick Williams
Master Certified Coach and Board Certified Coach Author, speaker (Palm Coast, FL)