Life Master Class

"When You Can Master Yourself You Can Master Anything"

Fresh ideas, simple strategies and great insights to take your life to the next level, learn how to:

- Grown your peace and power

- Gain clarity and confidence 

- How you manage your thoughts, emotions and uplevel your mindset 

- Figure out your life's direction and purpose

- Become immune to negativity and ditch your job as chief people pleaser!

- Create an exciting future


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What can Life Master Class
do for me?

Do you sometimes feel you have to please everyone around you while feeling slightly miserable and depleted yourself?

Maybe you are a bit bored with your friends and family spouting negativity all the time?

Would you love to break up with the inner critic that meets in your head and stop the overthinking madness???

Do you want to show up with passion every day with a clue as to what you want to do with your life?

Do you want to learn how create your best life and ditch the crap that is holding you back?

Do you want to learn the steps it takes to be authentically happy? Not fake short term happy but fulfilled-happy? Joyful even?

If the answer is YES - awesome! THE GOOD NEWS is that it IS possible, and I can help you today!

First of all, this is not the easiest stuff to learn as we are never taught this stuff in school or anywhere for that matter. We were not born with a handy dandy instruction manual either… well until now! 

Controlling your thoughts and shifting your mindset is the first and most important step to change.

 It only takes a shift in thinking, not a shift in circumstances.

Introducing  Life Master Class! 

After years and years of struggle I took decisive action to turn my life around and now enjoy a happier more fulfilling life that I dreamed up following the guidelines here.  This course is the stepping stones to help you do this same. This is my journey to empowerment, and it can be yours too.

Over the course of 6 online modules (which you take on your own time in your own space in your pajamas if you like!),  you will break free from the lies that have been hindering your ability to create the life of your dreams and your personal empowerment.

It will help in every area of your life, business, school, family and intimate relationships and will help you be a better more powerful version of yourself.

YOU are the common denominator of every relationship and every area of your life - so start working on YOU and everything changes for the better!

 It is the empowered choices and actions of today that create your fab future.

Here is at at what you will learn:

You know what Einstein said, right?

"The definition of insanity is to keep on doing the same thing again and again and expecting different results!"

So are you ready to take action on a happier life?

Are ready to quit your people pleasing ways and leave disempowerment behind you for good so you can show up with a passion for life every day…

Are you are ready to live life by design instead of life by default...

     Say YES to YOU!!

 Join Life Master Class and like me… never look back!


Success Stories....

Sinead has created a guide for living a masterful life that will give you tools, tips, and techniques for living your life more optimally.  She has a gift herself for learning from doing, and assuming that nothing is a failure, and you will catch her 'enthuenza" and it will lead you to living, loving, learning, and laughing masterfully.  This powerful Life Master Class is a deceptively simple, but not easy, guide for you to follow and Sinead is then available as your coach if needed.  Get it, do it, live it.
Patrick Williams - Master Certified Coach and Board Certified Coach Author, speaker (Palm Coast, FL)

I have read many self-help and mindfulness books and follow many positivity sites/blogs/pages, etc. The main difference, and what I like most about Life Master Class is that it was very applicable. As in, it was actually broken down section by section, and instead of telling you to simply "forgive" for example; it actually explains HOW to do these things. So many books don't, and end up sometimes lecturing the reader and can be vague. I found the program so refreshing with it's perfectly balanced take on being both informative and personal which made it easy to complete each part of the program. I found myself nodding along reading through it, as I personally completely agree that a bigger focus on morals, gratitude, and a sense of self are key to happiness... which will only help increase the happiness of those around you, creating that wonderful "ripple effect"! I thoroughly recommend the Life Master Class growth guide, and I think everybody regardless of gender/age/nationality would benefit by applying the principles. The quest for happiness is a universal concept after all. I have already seen the benefits...Thank you so much! 
Lorraine O Sullivan (Model, Artist, Co Clare, Ireland)

Your Life Master Class work is explained as well as anybody else who has success on these topics. Your language is identifiable, I too have a bank of self-help books and love them as my friends, however, many have not been read, I read the first paragraph and if the language is not me that's it. I love the way you write, and you too communicate with me very's explaining something that can be baffling in a clear, identifiable way. I am very excited for this course; I expect it to CHANGE MY LIFE –  Rebecca Higgins (Property Management - London UK)


A little bit about Sinead

Sinead Moffatt is a certified coach, writer and transformational leader helping people get unstuck and be unstoppable in every area of life. 

She helps people to do more, unleash their peace and power so they can be more, do more and have more!

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